Prince Harry recently appeared in a special video for a UK-based charity from inside his new Santa Barbara home! As People shares, Harry recorded a message for Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam GB's virtual event, Trailwalker Relay 2020— and also debuted a slightly different hairdo!

Harry decided to change his hairstyle up with spiked look

Harry's new look came as a surprise to fans of the royal! He appears to have gotten a haircut, with the sides of his hair shorter than usual and the front of it spiked up. While the hair on top of his head got a fresh look, Harry is still sporting his iconic ginger beard!

In the almost two minute long video, the Duke of Sussex talked about the Trailwalker Relay, which is a special event aiming to raise funds to bring an end to global poverty. He also mentioned his "special connection to Gurkhas and Nepal," including the visit he'd paid to Nepal back in 2015 after an earthquake had devastated the area.

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Harry talks about the resilience of the Nepalese people

Harry spoke about how his visit had shown him how strong the Nepalese people remained in times of adversity. "Buildings, temples, homes and entire villages had been completely demolished," he said of the earthquake. "It was clear despite everything the Nepalese faced, their spirit and resilience never weakened there was a clear sense of care and compassion for each other."

He then brought up the coronavirus pandemic, saying how he's seen a similar response among the people of Nepal. "With COVID-19, the world is being pitted against a new challenge," he continued. "One that is devastating and destructive in its own right and I am heartened to see that once again, the Nepalese spirit is unwavering."

Harry has frequently been making appearances in videos throughout quarantine, both live and pre-recorded. Recently, he brought smiles to athletes' faces with an inspiring speech via video chat! As well, he celebrated 125 years of the Rugby Football League last month while on a video call with some of the players. And during the call, Harry also talked about his and Meghan's son Archie and their new California home! It's great to see Harry using his platform for positive outreach, even in quarantine!

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