• Prince Harry hints a heartfelt return to his British roots
  • He flew to London last week to see King Charles
  • The prince currently lives in Montecito, California

The Duke of Sussex has dropped a royal bombshell that's set the internet ablaze! Speaking on Good Morning America, our beloved Prince hinted at a heartfelt return to his British roots, as family ties pull him back amidst his father King Charles' cancer diagnosis. "Family unity" is the buzzword as Harry opens up about the strength drawn from loved ones during tough times.

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Royal drama unfolds: Harry's candid confessions

It's no secret that Harry's relationship with the royal family has seen more twists and turns than a Shakespearean drama. Since his royal exit and move to Montecito, California, with Meghan (Meghan Markle, 41, Duchess of Sussex), Harry has kept the world on its toes with his explosive memoir, "Spare," and jaw-dropping interviews. From claims of sibling scuffles to royal jealousy, Harry's revelations have been nothing short of sensational!

Despite the royal ruckus, Harry's latest gesture speaks volumes about his underlying love for his father. "I will always love [Charles]," he confessed to Oprah, hinting at a deep desire to mend fences. His upcoming UK trips signal a possible thaw in the frosty family relations, as Harry vows to prioritize healing the royal rift.

Royal romance and adventure: Harry and Meghan's Canadian escapade

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex turned up the heat this Valentine's Day with a romantic dinner in Whistler Village, amidst their support for the Invictus Games. Harry's adventurous spirit shone as he tried sit-skiing and skeleton racing, with Meghan as his number one cheerleader. Their passion for the cause and each other was on full display, warming the hearts of fans worldwide.

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