• The late Prince Philip was the husband of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Philip became a major part of the royal family's public outreach
  • Prince Philip was known for his charm and good humor

These high-profile meetings include presidents of various countries, but also music legends and Hollywood stars. And of course a number of US Presidents visited the royal palace as well. Prince Philip was certainly a charmer and he always left the people he met with some memorable anecdote to recall later on. Philip became every bit the statesmen during his lifetime.

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Prince Philip Set A New Standard In Royal Charm

Prince Philip

In her more than 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II always counted on her husband Prince Philip to help her through the complicated world of being the ruling monarch. She has described as her "rock" in the past, and it's now wonder, since Philip was always by her side at state dinners, royal functions, and anytime Her Majesty made a public appearance. A true royal life partner!

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