The effects of quarantine and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has had some negative impacts for many people in various aspects, and weight, or shall we say weight gain, is definitely one of them. 

Lack of activity and increased appetite have become regular occurrences because of this situation, which, consequently, has caused many people to gain weight. And apparently, Prince William is not exempt from this fact either, or at least that is how Queen Elizabeth's grandson let him see it as a joke. 

Prince William asks for help to lose weight 

Through a video call on the occasion of British Remembrance Day, Prince William chatted with representatives of the British Royal Navy, the Army, and the British Royal Air Force, and it was there that the Duke of Cambridge made a joke in reference to his concern about having gained weight in recent months, which even made him request the help of someone who is an expert on the subject. 

Prince William during the 2020 FA Cup Final screening at Sandringham Estate.

And it is in this video call that physical instructor Damon Bell was present, and the Prince did not hesitate to request his help so that he could help him get back into shape. 

 "Yeah I think that after a number of lockdowns Damon, I might need your PT skills to help me get back into shape again," were the words the Prince joked. 

At the request, the instructor Damon responded positively, and assured that as soon as he wants, he could help him. "I'm only on the other end of a Zoom call, sir. Whenever you want," Bell replied. 

People reported earlier that Prince William had already been vocal about his concern of gaining weight, after noting that desserts have been very present in the diet of him and his entire family during the pandemic. We are sure that Damon can get the Duke of Cambridge back on track no problem!