• Curious kid questions Prince William about his finances
  • THIS was the Prince's reaction

In a scene straight out of a storybook, Prince William (41) found himself in a royally awkward situation when an audacious 11-year-old boy, Amir Hassan, dared to ask the question on everyone's lips: "How much do you have in your bank account?" 'The Telegraph' reports that the future monarch could only chuckle and admit he "Didn't know."

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Prince William takes charge: Balancing royal duties and philanthropy

The Prince, who recently stepped into his role as the overseer of the $1.3 billion Duchy of Cornwall estate, was visiting the Hideaway Youth Project in Manchester when this priceless exchange took place. The Duchy, a hefty portfolio of farmland, property, and businesses, has been the financial backbone for heirs to the throne since 1337. And while King Charles previously managed the estate, a royal source confided to 'People' that William is "fully immersing himself" in his new responsibilities.

The Prince Of Wales Visits Moss Side In Manchester

But wait, there's a twist! Our prince isn't just counting his golden eggs; he's got a heart of gold too. Prince William, a staunch advocate for the homeless, is looking into using Duchy homes to shelter those in need. Echoing his father's sustainable footsteps, William assured in the documentary "Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall," "I'm not going to rock the boat."

The Manchester visit also saw William keeping a heartfelt promise to Wendy Simms, a local food bank hero, proving that a royal word is as good as gold.

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So, while the exact figure in Prince William's bank account remains a royal mystery, one thing is crystal clear: his commitment to charity is priceless!