On Wednesday, Prince William set sail on a meaningful visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The Duke of Cambridge's trip came on Emergency Services Day 2020 (999 Day), during which he discussed pandemic response and mental health and wellbeing with emergency and frontline workers.

Prince William visits Belfast, 9 September 2020: Pictures

Prince William opened the day with a stop-in at Belfast's Police College.

At the college, the Duke met with police officers and staff who were participating in a Wellbeing Volunteer Training course. At the session, he spoke in praise of the work done by emergency responders and heard how they've adapted to work during the pandemic. But the emphasis was on the importance of an open and supportive system for the workers and their physical and mental health.

At the PSNI College, Prince William even met the heroic Tara, a 5-month-old Irish Red Setter who's trained as a PTSD service dog.

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Prince William speaks from experience on mental health

In his speech at Police College, reported by People, William again drew on his experience as an air ambulance and search-and-rescue pilot while identifying the drive behind his focus on mental health. "As you care for us in our time of need, so too must we ensure that we are there for you when you need it the most," he said. "We must ensure that you have the right support in place each and every day."

"And I know first hand, that even in routine circumstances, those of you on the frontline can face immense challenges that can naturally have a significant impact on both your physical and mental health."

Earlier this week, the Duke also marked the UK's Air Ambulance Week 2020 with a letter that reflected on his experience as a pilot. "Having seen first-hand the incredible work of air ambulance teams both on the front line and behind the scenes, I hold a profound respect for all that you do," he wrote in the open letter of thanks.