Prince William visited his rival club's training grounds on Thursday and was a little surprised to receive some gifts for Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte! In October of this year, Prince William took his eldest son Prince George to see their favorite team (Aston Villa) play a match. The West Bromwich Albion FC knows that William and George are loyal Aston Villa fans, however they thought they could still convince Charlotte and Louis to cheer for them.


Cheeky gifts for Charlotte and Louis

The club CEO Mark Jenkins, presented the Duke of Cambridge with two shirts for Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte with their ages in numbers on the back. They didn't give one for Prince George however as they realize it's probably too late to convert him into a West Bromwich fan. Instead, the team gave William a football for Prince George.

Prince William's Heads Up Campaign

Prince William was visiting the football club to launch the latest stage of his mental health campaign. He joked, "I'm sorry I'm here as an Aston Villa fan but I'm hoping we can move on from that," according to Hello magazine before proceeding to discuss his Heads Up campaign which aims at breaking down the mental health stigma in football.