A big back tattoo!

Prince William Wanted To Get A Huge Tattoo - Kate Stopped Him

Prince William and Duchess Kate shine in a joint appearance

Prince William and his wife Kate are considered a well-rehearsed team. In public you never see the two royals disagree - be it about the upbringing of their three children or whenever they appear together. But a tattoo is said to have been the topic of a bit of tension for Kate and William.

Prince William (39) and his wife Duchess Kate (39) always give the press the impression of a perfect picture book family. Who would have thought the second in line to the British throne, also has a very wild side...

As the Express reports, William is said to have thought about a tattoo a long time ago. The body art would have adorned his entire back, inspired by none other than football legend David Beckham.

Prinz William

Prince William: No tattoo for the heir to the throne?

According to Express, Prince William is said to have gossiped on a ship in 2008. He spoke to the crew about the desire to have something on his skin permanently.

Like the style of Beckham's back tattoo, the Prince's choice was a giant guardian angel. But his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton is said to have vetoed the idea, the crew revealed.

Would he be breaking one of the most important royal rules if he got a tattoo? Not at all. Tattoos have a long tradition in the British royal family. Kings in particular symbolized the divine will to rule with their permanent body art. However, there is no British royal who has a large tattoo - at least we are not aware of any.

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