Did you know Prince Philip actually wasn't there when his firstborn child arrived?

Queen Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) was in labour for nearly 30 hours before she gave birth to Prince Charles by caesarean section in 1948. Meanwhile, Prince Philip is said to have been swimming and playing squash.

Prince Philip's reaction to first seeing baby Charles

On Nov. 14, 1948, Prince Philip was finally able to hold his son in his arms for the first time. As reported in the 2013 Netflix documentary The Royals, Prince Philip said at the time that his son looked just like "a plum pudding."

Plum pudding? A bit of an odd comparison perhaps, but it may have been brought on by the joy in the eyes of the new father.

When the soon-to-be Queen awoke from the anesthetic, Prince Philip expressed his love for her with a bouquet of red roses and carnations.

It was the end of an era for the Royal Family when Prince Philip passed away this year in April. You can click here to see how Prince Charles paid tribute to his late father.

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