Finally, we have a new update on Princess Charlene.

The Princess of Monaco has been getting treatment in a health facility since November. Today, over two months later, she missed another big event in Monaco. But the Palace provided a statement on how she's doing.

This is how Princess Charlene's health is doing now

Thankfully, it sounds promising for Charlene, who's been apart from Prince Albert and their twins for most of the past year.

As Charlene missed today's Sainte Dévote ceremony, the Prince's Palace released a statement.

From French, it says: "Princess Charlene's recovery is now continuing in a satisfying and highly encouraging way."

However, they add: "It should still take a few weeks for her recovery and follow-up of dental treatment."

Prince Albert, Prince Jacques, and Princess Gabriella attended the ceremony without Charlene today, but the Palace said she will be "cheerful" with her family again "as soon as her health allows."

The statement concludes with a privacy request for the royal family. Princess Charlene also marked her 44th birthday this week, but she wasn't able to spend it with her family as she's in a treatment facility.

What's going on with Princess Charlene of Monaco?

The Princess was stuck in South Africa for six months last year after an ENT infection left her unable to fly home to Monaco. She also had a range of medical procedures in recent months.

Charlene finally returned to Monaco in November, but Prince Albert said an intervention took place as his wife was struggling with "emotional and physical exhaustion."

Charlene agreed to take care of her health, so she's been getting professional help in an unspecified location outside Monaco.

Finally, it sounds like she could be going home for good soon.