Princess Charlène is not having an easy time at the moment, since she has been stuck in South Africa for five months and cannot go back to Monaco to see her family because of her severe ENT infection. Now, she has had to cope with another fateful incident— her beloved dog has died. 

Princess Charlene shares photo cuddling her dog: "Rest In Peace"

Princess Charlene announced the sad news via Instagram. "My little Angel died last night, she was run over," the royal captioned a photo of her and her little dog on Tuesday. "I will miss you so much, Rest In Peace!" In the photo, which shows the royal with half-shaved hair, Charlene is cuddling intimately with the cute chihuahua.

Charlene's followers have shared her loss and expressed their condolences, taking to the replies of her post. Unfortunately, she has to deal with the death of her dog without husband Prince Albert and their 6-year-old twins Gabriella and Jacques, because they are at home in Monaco. In an interview with "Point de Vue" at the beginning of the week, Albert revealed when Charlene can finally go home to her loved ones.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert share new family portrait ahead of the twins 5th birthdays

Although he could not give an exact date, he said she should be able to return before the Monegasque national holiday on November 19th. After her last operation, the former swimmer should feel a little better. Hopefully Princess Charlène will finally be able to laugh again sometime soon after these last few difficult months, and getting to reunite with her family would certainly help.