Back in 2013, one of Princess Diana's (†36) closest friends, Lucía Flecha de Lima, spoke candidly about Diana's relationships and the three most important men in her life: Prince Charles (71), heart surgeon Hasnat Khan (62), and Dodi Fayed (†42), who died alongside Diana in the 1997 car accident.

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Princess Diana loved Prince Charles the most

At the premiere of the film Diana in 2013, Lucía, the wife of the former Ambassador of Brazil to England, said that Diana only ever really loved Prince Charles. "The love of Diana's life was Prince Charles, I have no doubt about this" she told the Daily Mail.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles at a polo tournament in 1985.

Lucía Flecha de Lima continued: "If you ask me if she had some passion for Hasnat, I don't know, it is possible. But for Dodi Fayed I am certain she did not. I know because I asked her."

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Marriage

Princess Diana is said to have been certain that Prince Charles loved her at the time of their wedding. Also, the birth of Prince William (37) was a really wonderful milestone for both of them and brought them closer. Another insider in The Royal Box revealed that Princess Diana never wanted to separate from Prince Charles.

Although the princess had strong feelings for Charles, their marriage eventually failed. In 1996, the couple divorced and only one year later Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris. Prince Charles has been married to his second wife Duchess Camilla since 2005.