• Princess Diana died in 1997
  • She is still very missed today
  • Her brother Charles has shared THIS

Princess Diana's legacy is unquestionably one that will be remembered and talked about for many generations to come. Her son Prince William is the future heir to the throne, and her memory definitely lives on in him. But even so, its always nice to remember how Diana was in life. It's hard to measure just how much she changed things for the British royal family, but it's clear to see that things would not be the same had it not been for her.

Diana revolutionized the British royal family

And now as 'People' reports, her brother Charles Spencer is remembering his sister Princess Diana. The 9th Earl Spencer posted a tribute to his late elder sister to social media on Thursday. On the 26th anniversary of Diana's death Charles wanted to once again remember his beloved Diana.

Charles shared with fans a throwback photo of himself and Diana as children on his social media. He had also shared that same picture back in 2020.

This was significant back then because it happened just days after he publicly accused the BBC of sending him what he called a "piecemeal apology" for using fake documents that helped secure Princess Diana's famous BBC interview in 1995.

The interview ended up defining what Diana's relationship with the royal family would be like. In the famous interview, Diana memorably said there were "three of us" in her marriage — a reference to Camilla Parker Bowles, then the mistress of the current King Charles.

Also interesting:

Charles was a pretty important figure at Princess Diana's funeral in 1997. He famously walked behind her coffin with his young nephews Prince William and Prince Harry. Since then, he has regularly shared photos of Princess Diana since her death.

He will surely continue to galvanize the memory of his sister whenever he can. The late Princess of Wales is buried at the Spencer family’s ancestral home in Northamptonshire, England and her gravesite is off-limits to the public.