• Diana's former bodyguard speaks out
  • Hard words about Harry and Meghan
  • What is his assessment of the couple?

In recent years, Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) have had to deal with a lot, but Harry probably didn't expect this blatant slap in the face.

Here's what Lady Diana's bodyguard thinks of Prince Harry's marriage

The former bodyguard of his late mother Lady Diana († 36), Ken Wharfe, speaks up and has no good words for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. 

"It seems to me that something is wrong in this relationship,"Wharfe, who has known Harry since he was a child, told 'GB News'. Tough words, but Ken Wharfe has more to say.

"If you look at him up until his marriage, Harry was the prankster. He was the most popular member of the royal family. Back then he was even more popular than the late Queen. Suddenly, his popularity and hers plummeted to levels no one could have imagined" Wharfe says.

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Ken Wharfe: Hard words about Duchess Meghan

Diana's former bodyguard is still mostly positive about the British Prince, but he considers Meghan to be calculating.

"If you look at the wedding and the public events that followed - one in Nottingham and one in London - she is the consummate actress, the consummate performer," Wharfe harshly says about Duchess Meghan.