Could there be wedding bells soon for the niece of the late Princess Diana? According to the Daily Mail, the 29-year-old Lady Kitty Spencer got engaged to her boyfriend Michael Lewis over the holidays. Lewis is a multi-millionaire from the fashion industry and is 60-years-old, five years older than her father, Earl Spencer.

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Michael Lewis is from South Africa and he's the chairperson of the fashion brand Foschini. He reportedly is divorced and has three children who are already grown up.

Lady Kitty Spencer's wedding could feature many royals!

Lady Kitty Spencer is the first cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry and attended both their weddings, so her wedding could actually become quite the regal affair. The 29-year old grew up in South Africa, which is where she spent her Christmas holidays with her family.

Before she was first spotted with Michael Lewis in May of 2019 when they were photographed in New York City, Lady Kitty dated the 51-year-old Italian real estate tycoon Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro. Another older man, who then actually went on to go out with Liz Hurley.

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