• The late Princess Diana was a royal icon
  • Her turbulent divorce became international news
  • Some of her personal letters will be going up for sale

It is no secret that the Princess of Wales liked to write letters, and she expressed her feelings towards her children, Harry and William on paper. She also wrote a couple of letters to her friends during her turbulent divorce proceedings.

Diana's writing will fall on the annexes of royal history

It was recently revealed that these friends are to auction off these precious texts. These are 32 letters that Diana sent to her friends Susie and Tarek Kassem in 1996 and 1997. Lay's auction house announced that they are "highly personal and confidential".

Also interesting:

"Susie & Tarek Kassem, as very close friends of Diana, Princess of Wales, have treasured these letters for over 25 years. They reflect the special and loving relationship they had with one of the most unique women that they had ever known", they said in a statement...

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