• Meghan and Prince Harry have issues with many royals
  • Harry's cousin Princess Eugenie is known to be a close friend
  • The Harry & Meghan series featured a noticeable detail here 

It's no secret that Prince Harry has maintained a good relationship with his cousin, Princess Eugenie, for many years now.

This became even clearer with the release of his new documentary on Netflix. 

In Harry & Meghan, the couple share some photos from their personal library, where they are seen doing day-to-day activities.

Just one royal appears in those Harry & Meghan photos...

In one of them, fans could see the daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie joining Harry and Meghan on a walk.

Similarly, Princess Eugenie appeared in an image accompanying Harry and Meghan to a costume party.

Also interesting:

Eugenie was recently the first member of the Royal Family to publicly visit Harry and Meghan in California...

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