Yesterday was World Day against Trafficking in Persons and Princess Eugenie shared a series of photos from the last few years with her best friend and co-found Jules during the amazing experiences they've shared with their organization The Anti-Slavery Collective. The two best friends started this organization back in 2017 with the hopes to end modern slavery. 

Princess Eugenie's "Nerve Wracking" Moment

Princess Eugenie mentioned in one of her posts about how nervous she was speaking at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) earlier this year in Vienna. She captioned the photo, "one of the more nerve-wracking moments speaking to all those people."

Princess Eugenie: The Anti-Slavery Collective

Eugenie also shed light on the achievements of her organization by saying that, "we launched Tech Tackles Trafficking and had our first panel with Professor Kevin Bales and Caroline Haugher QC," according to Princess Eugenie's Instagram. She said that she "is so proud to be able to try and affect change on World Day against Trafficking in Persons with my co-founder Jules. Together we can do something about ending Modern Slavery."

We are so proud of Princess Eugenie and all the incredibly important work she continues to do every day.