• Princess Madeleine is back in Sweden
  • A very special occasion is the reason
  • She also will be moving soon

Princess Madeleine is back for a joyous reason

The Swedish people will certainly be pleased! As 'Svensk Damtidning' reports, Princess Madeleine is said to have made a surprise trip to Sweden. Princess Victoria's sister, who still lives in the USA, is expected to pay an unofficial visit to her home country.

This is because of her mother, Queen Silvia's, birthday. In 2023, she will celebrate her 80th birthday and the celebrations are to begin on May 10th with a charity event. Madeleine is said to have helped plan this.

A birthday bash

Surely it is a greater joy for Silvia to be able to celebrate together with her daughter Madeleine. According to the paper, the donations from the party will go to the Queen's organization, World Childhood Foundation.

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By now, Madeleine is surely already in the process of preparing for the move. Because in a few months she, husband Chris O'Neill and their three children Leonore, Nicolas and Adrienne will be heading back to Sweden.