• Princess Madeleine of Sweden's daughters are getting ready for Halloween
  • Leonore and Adrienne have grown really big now
  • Leonore in particular seems very grown up

Princess Madeleine of Sweden (40) lives with her family in the USA and of course, it is a must to prepare for Halloween in October. Particularly important: find the right pumpkin for the spooky holiday. Madeleine's daughters Leonore (8) and Adrienne (4) have embarked on this mission.

Princess Madeleine's daughters Leonore and Adrienne: They are hardly recognizable

Princess Madeleine posts a series of pictures of Princess Leonore and Princess Adrienne on Instagram, which shows them picking pumpkins. The two sisters proudly present the magnificent pumpkins they have chosen. It is also noticeable how big Leonore and Adrienne have become.

Four-year-old Adrienne smiles at the camera in a cute summer dress, while her older sister Leonore looks really stylish. She wears a cheeky bob haircut and earrings. In addition, her fingernails are painted in a light blue and a little make-up on the eyes and lip gloss should not be missing.

Princess Leonore's styling: Now she looks really grown up

Princess Leonore has really grown up! The last photos of her are from spring 2022, when Princess Madeleine posed with Leonore and Adrienne.

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Back then, Leonore looked a lot more childish: her hair was longer and her face looked rounder. Now she looks really cool and "American". Then the question arises: How "Swedish" are Madeleine's children??