• Princess Madeleine has lived in the US for years
  • The Swedish royal rarely makes any appearances
  • Now it's been revealed: She no longer receives a salary

Princess Madeleine, 39, has lived in the United States since 2018. Together with her husband Chris O'Neill, she has hardly been seen in her home country since she moved.

Public appearances for royal duty have become increasingly rare. Therefore, quite a few royal fans and the public have asked themselves: does Madeleine actually still receive a royal salary?

Royal payroll: Princess Madeleine no longer receives money

Now in the new annual report of the Swedish royals, everyone can see: Princess Madeleine does not receive any government grants for personal expenses, as reported by the Gala.

However, those who appear in the list of expenses are Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel, Queen Silvia, and Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia.

Also interesting:

Ever since Princess Madeleine moved to the US, voices have been raised again and again: When will she return to her homeland?

With the missing salary payments now becoming public, it is clear that she probably has no plans to leave her adopted country.

In the US, Madeleine recently celebrated Easter with a rare new photo of her daughters.