• We were used to calling her "Duchess Kate"
  • But Kate's title changed when Queen Elizabeth II died
  • This is what she's called now that she is Princess of Wales

For quite a while, Kate Middleton was known by the title she received on her wedding day to Prince William: the Duchess of Cambridge.

But that all changed when Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022. At that time, Kate's husband became heir to the throne and was elevated to the title of Prince of Wales.

So does that make Kate: A Princess? A Duchess? Both? Neither?! We'll break it all down for you.

Making sense of Kate Middleton's new title(s)

Shortly after King Charles III ascended the throne, he officially made William and Kate the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

For Kate, it's her highest title, so she is typically called "The Princess of Wales" or "Kate (or Catherine), Princess of Wales."

In addition, Prince William became the Duke of Rothesay, a high-ranking title used when he is in Scotland. So Kate is also the Duchess of Rothesay. And one more: They're the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall too.

Also interesting:

Technically, William and Kate are still the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well. However, their new titles outrank this Dukedom, so you won't hear them called that any longer.

In any case, Kate and the Palace have moved toward calling her simply The Princess of Wales.

No mention of her Duchess titles appears on her profile on the Royal Family's official website. But Princess Kate would be Duchess Kate in several places around the UK.