• Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September 2022
  • She gifted much of her jewellery to relatives
  • Meghan's and Kate's gifts were pretty different

Queen Elizabeth II has left jewelry to most of the women in her family. Often Princess Kate, Duchess Meghan, and even Sophie, Countess of Wessex wear jewelry to honour the late Queen.

But journalist Daniela Elser now reveals that Duchess Meghan probably can't keep up when it comes to the value of her gifted jewels.

Expert thinks the Queen gave Kate the important jewellery

In her commentary, "Kate Middleton's expensive jewellery highlights painful truth for Meghan Markle," Elser explains that Meghan "never quite made it into the royal bling ring."

Which is to say, first of all, that Kate's jewelry is worth more, larger, and showier than those bequeathed to Duchess Meghan.

Also interesting:

The news.com.au journalist sees one reason for this: in Harry and Meghan's withdrawal from the Royal Family.

"Maybe, if Meghan and Harry had stayed put in the UK, this jewellery situation might have changed," Elser writes.

But did the late monarch really give such thought to her passed down items? That remains a matter for speculation.

However, Kate is the wife of the future King of the UK, which probably did influence the jewelry she received.