• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are controversial royal figures these days
  • Queen Elizabeth II's health is currently in question
  • Harry and Meghan might return to Britain after has passing

A former Vanity Fair editor believes that while the Duke of Sussex may be tempted to return to Britain, his wife has other plans. According to Daily Mail, author Tina Brown recently weighed in on how things could go for Harry and Meghan in the future. Brown, who has written several books on the royal family, explained the following...

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"I think Harry will want to come back when the Queen dies to serve his country," says Tina Brown. She is convinced that the royal family will find a way to bring him back. But while Harry wants to split time between countries, Meghan will have a different opinion. "I don't think Meghan ever wants to come back. She didn't like England", announced Brown.

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