Queen Elizabeth II has been staying at Windsor Castle for almost 2 weeks now - she was reunited there with husband Prince Philip as they started their annual Easter break earlier than usual because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

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Queen Elizabeth II made a great gesture to NHS workers on Thursday night.

And after the entire staff at Windsor Castle had already participated in the new nightly ritual on Thursday last week and 'Clapped For Our Carers' with the rest of Britain, the Queen made another special gesture to all medical workers across the UK last night.

Windsor Castle was lit up in blue!

Her majesty ordered her staff to light up Windsor Castle in blue on Thursday night to show appreciation and gratitude for all NHS workers across Britain. The gesture was timed to exactly coincide with the weekly 'Clap For Our Carers' applause at 8pm, which again saw countless people on their doorsteps and at their windows showing how thankful they are to the medical staff during these trying times.

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An incredible gesture, for some incredibly hardworking people! We will keep you updated with more stories on the royal family right HERE...