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New Pictures Of The Queen And She Is Glowing

New Pictures Of The Queen And She Is Glowing

On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II stepped out for a new a public appearance. With her outfit, the 95-year-old monarch once again proved how stylish she is. But above all, her make-up drew everyone's attention during the event. 

Queen Elizabeth II welcomed members of the Canadian Armed Forces to Windsor Castle this week. As always, the Queen dressed her best and made a strong impression.

She wore a dark blue coat combined with a piebald grey skirt, in addition to a black bag and matching loafers. The royal also didn't go without makeup, which was somewhat more noticeable than usual on this occasion.

New pictures: Queen Elizabeth II's makeup attracts attention

This time, Queen Elizabeth accented her look with rouge, as you can see in the pictures. With her white hair and dark outfit, the subtle red certainly stand out.

Queen Elizabeth's makeup stood out at her new engagement.

But one thing is clear: the made-up look definitely makes the Queen shine and she didn't seem worried about her blush.

Queen Elizabeth has presented herself in many wonderful looks over the years. The 95-year-old is best known for colourful, showy outfits. In fact, she'll wear practically every colour but one: beige.

The monarch cut a great figure again during this engagement at Windsor Castle and seemed to enjoy fun meeting the Canadian military personnel.

New pictures of Queen Elizabeth in October 2021.

The Queen is fast approaching her 70th anniversary on the British throne, which will be celebrated in June 2022. You can click here for the latest details about the big event.