• Queen Elizabeth is Britain's longest ever ruling monarch
  • She has met 13 American presidents and counting...

Among her many high-profile encounters stand out her visits and interactions with American presidents. Her record is incredible. So far, she's met 13 of them! And few would bet against her meeting a couple more before her reign ends. Here is a look back at Queen Elizabeth and American presidents!

Queen Elizabeth II Has Seen Administrations Rise And Fall

Gerald Ford (1913-2006) 38th President of the United States 1974-1977, dancing with Queen Elizabeth II at the ball at the White House, Washington, during the 1976 Bicentennial Celebrations of the Declaration of Independence.

Also interesting:

Perhaps the most memorable photo opportunity for Queen Elizabeth II and an American president happened some time ago. After the 200th anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence, Elizabeth visited Washington where she danced with Gerald Ford in 1976. The pictures will live on for posterity!

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