Ever since the death of her husband Prince Philip on April 9 of this year, Queen Elizabeth's health has been put into question. Just last week, she canceled her planned visit to Northern Ireland and British media reported that she had spent a night at the Edward VII private hospital in London. Although a statement from her staff assured the public these were for routine checkups later on.

Today, Buckingham Palace officially announced that Her Majesty will not be attending the 26th United Nations Climate Conference on the advise of her personal physicians which will be hosted in Glasgow in early November.

Queen Elizabeth Will Not Attend Climate Summit For Health Reasons

Queen Elizabeth Will Not Attend Climate Summit For Health Reasons

The official statement was to sure to highlight Queen Elizabeth’s disappointment at her inability to attend the conference. However, there were good news for those who hoped to see her, because she will address the participants by means of a recorded message. Sky News quoted a Buckingham Palace source describing the royal decision as a “reasonable precaution”.

In light of an ongoing pandemic, one can hardly blame the queen and her staff for taking such measures. However, for many of her royal subjects, the question of whether or not the queen is good health remains open. Officially, she is still able to carry out her duties, but time will tell for how much longer.

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