• The day before the Queen's death, Prince Charles was at a party
  • Nobody suspected that the queen would die
  • An insider gives private insights

The world stood still when it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II died on the afternoon of September 8, 2022.

Before the Queen died: Prince Charles was at a party

Even on the evening before her death, everything seemed to be fine with the Queen. Her son Charles was still celebrating at a party on the evening of September 7.

This was told by Royal photographer Arthur Edwards in conversation with presenter Piers Morgan. According to him, he was also at the party in Scotland.

"I was with the prince the night before at Dumfries House, we had dinner there and we were celebrating". The atmosphere was exuberant, we laughed a lot and spent a carefree night, according to the photographer. Nothing pointed to the impending death of Queen Elizabeth II. For Charles, it was his last night as a Prince.

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The Queen is dead: This day just changed everything

Arthur Edwards recalled the morning after the party when everything suddenly changed: "But the next day I saw everyone suddenly leaving the hotel quickly. Then I knew that something had happened."

Then, on the afternoon of September 8th, the sad certainty: Queen Elizabeth II had dead. The line of succession to the British throne changed after the death of the Queen: Your son Charles has been the new British king since that moment. A difficult time begins for him.

On his return to London, photographer Arthur Edwards was also at his side, capturing their touching encounter in our video above can see.