• The Queen died at the age of 96
  • The funeral will take place on September 19th
  • THEY are on the guest list

Preparations for the Queen's funeral and memorial service are in full swing. The recently deceased monarch's official funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey on September 19th.

As befits a head of state funeral, important guests will arrive from all over the world. As the Daily Mail reports, the guest list has already been largely confirmed.

Funeral of the Queen: THEY should be there

Of course, high-ranking politicians and heads of state will pay their final respects to the Queen. Among them, for example, US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Liz Truss and Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The royals of Europe will also be there. Willem-Alexander and Máxima from the Netherlands, Felipe and Letizia from Spain, Carl Gustaf and Silvia from Sweden, Harald and Sonja from Norway and Albert and Charlène from Monaco will all be in attendance.

The royal houses of Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece and even Japan are also represented. All close relatives are expected from the British royal family, i.e. the children and grandchildren of the Queen, as well as other members.

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Of course, close associates of the Queen will also be allowed to say goodbye. The situation with other prominent guests has not yet been confirmed. Invitations for the Obamas, Elton John, Daniel Craig, the Beckhams and various other ennobled stars would be quite possible.

According to the Daily Mail, Westminster Abbey could seat around 2,000 guests. Since there are no covid restrictions at the moment, the seats will probably all be filled. In fact, far more people are said to be flocking to London to pay their last respects to the royal. The funeral service will definitely go down in history.