• The Queen has died
  • There are changes coming, especially in the titles
  • Charlotte, George and Louis are also addressed differently for the time being

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II (†96) a lot will change with the British Royals and their titles. Prince Charles is now King Charles III. (73). His wife Camilla (75) bears the title of "Queen Consort".

Charles' son William (40) and his wife Kate (40) have already received their new titles "Prince and Princess of Wales" and "Duke and Duchess of Cornwall". Their three children together, George (9), Charlotte (7) and Louis (4), also receive new titles.

Charlotte, George and Louis are addressed as "Prince/Princess of Cornwall and Wales"

From now on they will be addressed as "Prince/Princess of Cornwall and Wales". In the past, the mini royals were only addressed by their title "Prince" or "Princess". They will keep their new titles until they get titles of their own. William and Harry were also addressed by the title "of Wales" before they were given their own titles.

Also Interesting:

In the past, Charlotte and George were not referred to by their royal titles at school. At Thomas's Battersea School in London, they had the surname "Cambridge". It is not known whether this will change with their new royal titles at their new school, the private Lambrook School.