Princess Diana was adored until her untimely death on Aug. 31, 1997. Wherever she went, the cameras would always flash and take pictures.

It's surprising, then, that new photos of her have suddenly surfaced on social media. Author Allan Mallinson has shared two pictures of the Princess of Wales that are certainly rare and possibly never-before-seen.

Princess Diana: Rare new pictures surface in 2021 

As Mallinson mentions in the post, he unearthed the photos on the 24th anniversary of Diana's death, which fell earlier this week on Aug. 31. He wrote:

"As it's the day (1997), I thought I'd post this photo, which I don't think has ever been published. Sitting for her portrait as Colonel-in-Chief 13/18H. I had just brought the newly made brooch from Garrards."

Mallinson, who shared the photos, is an author and retired British Army officer. It's unclear precisely when his picture is from, but Diana was made Colonel-In-Chief of this army regiment in 1989.

This sitting also produced a portrait that was unveiled in 1990. In the photos, Prince William and Prince Harry's mother looks beautiful as always, and fans thanked the author for sharing the rare and possibly never-before-seen pictures.

Tuesday of this week marked 24 years since Diana tragically died in a car accident in Paris. You can click here to see how her brother Charles Spencer paid tribute on the sad anniversary.

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