The Scotland Yard officers protecting Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at their remote home in British Columbia in Canada say they are being treated like "skivvies"The Sun reports. One of the officers was spotted at an organic delicatessen shop, apparently one of Duchess Meghan's favorite places to shop for groceries.

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A team of about 15 highly-trained personal protection experts are currently in charge of security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - the number of officers is actually higher than previously reported and it apparently includes some Canadian "Mounties" as well. 

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Harry and Meghan's PPOs are "picking up takeaways and groceries"

But, according to a royal security source, the protection officers, are not that happy with the way that things are going at the moment:

"While the guys are happy to be out there doing the jobs, there is a feeling they are carrying out menial tasks, like picking up takeaways and groceries. They are close protection officers – and should be sticking solely to close protection rather than running errands."

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Scotland Yard officers spotted at Tim Horton's

Another local source told The Sun that the officers were seen picking up orders from the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons: "They are doing a very good and professional job but it is hard not to spot them in an isolated place like this."

The claims by the Scotland Yard officers are surfacing while the discussion about who will pay for the Sussex's security has not been laid to rest. We will keep you updated on the topic!