• The Royal Family has traveled across the globe
  • They visit monarchs and help charities
  • Here are the most memorable destinations

The Royals have made memories across the world

From Canada to Africa, these are some of the most notable destinations they have visited.

Canada: The Royal Family has visited Canada on numerous occasions. Queen Elizabeth II made more than 22 trips to Canada, while King Charles has visited 18 times. During their visits, the Royal Family has engaged in various activities, such as fly fishing and horseback riding.

Australia: Another popular destination for the Royal Family. Both Queen Elizabeth II and Charles visited the country on 16 different occasions, most recently in 2018. During their stays, they participated in various activities, such as the Melbourne Cup and the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

New Zealand: The two most recent monarchs have also visited here the same number of times, with a total of 10 visits. On their last visit in 2018 they visited the Agrodome Sheep Farm and participated in a Maori ceremony.

From North America to Africa and in between

Africa: The Royal Family has visited numerous African countries, including Kenya, South Africa and Botswana. Princess Diana visited Angola in 1997 to support the campaign against landmines, while Prince Harry has visited Botswana on several occasions to work on conservation projects.

India: This is where Charles leads the way, having visited the country 10 times when he was a prince, while the Queen visited only three times. In 1980 the present King met Mother Teresa inside the Mother House in Kolkata.

United States: Several royals have dropped by for various reasons, notably Charles has met several political leaders and participated in charitable causes. 

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The Royal Family has also visited other impressive destinations, such as the Pacific Islands, the Persian Gulf countries and the Caribbean.

Each of these destinations has left a lasting impression on members of the Royal Family and has been recorded in photographs and videos.