Even after her tragic death in 1997, Princess Diana (†36) is still famous all over the world, and will forever be known as the "People's Princess".

The Princess of Wales was coveted by everyone and she was a role model in the fashion world. During an interview with US Weekly in an episode of Royally Us!, royal photographer Tim Rooke revealed for the first time how Diana guaranteed that there would always be a special picture taken of her.

Princess Diana's subtle trick for photographers

"She would always just turn before she went into the building, so she’d just look at you at the last second, and it always produced great pictures," the photographer told Us Weekly.

The beautiful Princess Diana in 1996.

Rooke also remembers: "I think I did a picture of her, it was on her 36th birthday, which sadly was her last birthday, and she went to the Tate Gallery and there was a reception. She just turned, just before she went in, and it made an absolutely great picture."

Younger Royals Talk To The Press Now

Nowadays the younger members of the royal family actually do it a little differently. "They tend to talk to the person that’s greeting them, which is, of course only polite, but of course, with her, it was great because you always knew you’d get a picture," said Rooke.

But the photographer didn't just enjoy taking pictures of the late Princess, but he also raved about Princess Diana's character: "She was a very warm person," he said. "She was great to photograph."