Josh O'Connor stars as Prince Charles in the award-winning Netflix series The Crown. He has been on the show since season 3 and has now discussed what it was like portraying one of the most iconic royal romances on the small screen in the making of season 4, set to debut on Netflix later this year. 

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Josh O'Connor Dishes On The Crown

The 30-year-old English actor told Screen Daily that he had to challenge the question of whether or not Charles really loved Diana. 

"It’s been great to have the ability to either fight against that or, at times, acknowledge it and also to challenge any question of, ‘Did he ever love her?’ Personally I think he must have done. There’s a wealth of layers and richness to Charles and Diana, and I loved seeking that out," the actor remarked.


Viewers everywhere are looking forward to seeing how the drama between Charles and Diana unfolds on The Crown and it seems that this storyline in particular is a main focus for O'Connor in the next season.

Josh O'Connor On Portraying Prince Charles

Josh went on to say that, "The trick is to remember that anything we know of Prince Charles is a media representation of him. Usually, the moments where he is in the public eye are well planned and organised. He is presenting a version of himself that he wants people to see. I think that was a luxury, because it meant you can invent."

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"The Crown is a work of fiction from Peter Morgan, and that gives you freedom to create something which isn’t actually Prince Charles. It’s an essence of him," he continued.  

Princess Diana will appear in the fourth season, being played by actress Emma Corrin. There is currently no set release date for season 4 of The Crown

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