Prince Andrew was dealt a significant blow today in court.

The royal is being sued in the US for sexual assault, and his legal team had been trying to get the case thrown out. But the judge in New York refused to dismiss the suit. Prince Andrew will now face a trial on allegations made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Prince Andrew's sexual assault case goes to trial

Per CNN, judge Lewis Kaplan ruled today: "Ms. Giuffre's complaint is neither 'unintelligible' nor 'vague' nor 'ambiguous.'

"It alleges discrete incidents of sexual abuse in particular circumstances at three identifiable locations. It identifies to whom it attributes that sexual abuse."

Giuffre alleges that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her three times — both in the US and the UK — when she was underage and a victim of Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking ring.

The Duke of York has always denied the accusations. He also memorably defended himself in a 2019 BBC interview which was poorly received.

He also said he doesn't remember meeting Giuffre, although an infamous photo shows the Prince with his arm around her waist. Next to them stands Ghislaine Maxwell, herself convicted on sex trafficking charges last month.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, and Ghislaine Maxwell in Filthy Rich.

Prince Andrew will now face a civil trial that will begin in September, the judge said. It's also possible the 61-year-old royal could settle out of court before that time.

It's a damaging development for the royals. Previously, Giuffre's lawyer even stated that potential witnesses for the trial could include Prince Charles, Sarah Ferguson, and Duchess Meghan.

It's still unknown if Prince Andrew will appear in court. According to The Guardian, he could be called to testify, but he also may record a video deposition.