• Meghan Markle was recently given an award
  • But she didn't attend the ceremonies
  • Sources cite concerns she has with appearing in public

Meghan was named a digital media national winner at the 49th Gracie Awards. But after her infamous 'near-catastrophic' car chase in New York a week ago, she didn't wish to attend according to 'Express UK'. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex was named top Entertainment Podcast Host for her podcast series 'Archetypes'.

Meghan is possible concerned for her safety

This would have been a special day for Meghan as the Award is given to women of distinction, but Meghan is horrified at the media and how the public have reacted to the car chase which she and Harry were supposedly involved in.

Also interesting:

"They insist their account of the car chase was absolutely not exaggerated, and for people to say otherwise is so hurtful and out of line," a source said to 'Us Weekly'...

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