• Prince William was absent from a state funeral this week
  • His lack of presences has started much speculation
  • Experts have given their opinion on it

The sudden cancellation, attributed to "personal reasons," has left the public questioning the underlying cause, especially given the proximity of the event to his home.

What's up with William?

Yesterday, the royal grapevine buzzed with whispers of worry as Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, made a shocking last-minute exit from a poignant family event.

The prince was slated to honor his godfather with a heartfelt reading at St. George's Chapel, but royal aficionados were left clutching their pearls when he was a no-show!

The cryptic phrase "personal reasons" was all the palace offered, leaving us to wonder: What could possibly keep a prince from paying tribute to his godfather? And with King Charles' health firmly declared a non-issue, the plot thickens like a good British stew!

While the palace reassures us that Kate Middleton is on the mend after her surgery, could her condition be the missing piece of this royal puzzle? The princess is convalescing at home, with royal duties on pause until after Easter, but could William's abrupt change of plans be linked to his wife's wellbeing?

Royal biographer Phil Dampier didn't mince words, expressing his unease over the prince's absence from such a significant occasion. "It's very concerning," he stated, echoing the sentiments of a nation.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams noted the oddity of William's non-appearance, underscoring the personal importance of the event for the prince.

Also interesting:

Despite the drama, Queen Camilla was the picture of composure as she attended the memorial service, representing the royal family with the grace and dignity we've come to expect.