• Prince William honors actress Emilia Clarke
  • She receives medal for her charity work
  • At Windsor Castle on Wednesday

Emilia Clarke, the fierce "Mother of Dragons" from the epic saga 'Game of Thrones,' has soared into the hearts of the royal family and fans alike, as she received a majestic nod of approval from none other than Prince William himself!

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In a star-studded ceremony at Windsor Castle, Clarke, alongside her mother, Jennifer, were bestowed with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medals. The royal Instagram was abuzz with excitement, featuring snaps and clips of the regal event. "From Westeros to Windsor, a real pleasure presenting @emilia_clarke and her mum Jennifer with their honours today," the Prince and Princess of Wales shared.

A royal cause for celebration

"It was such an honor personally," Clarke's mother exclaimed. The SameYou charity, founded by the dynamic duo, shines a spotlight on brain injury recovery, a mission sparked by Clarke's own brush with mortality. The actress faced two harrowing aneurysms, with the first striking after the debut season of 'Game of Thrones.'

Clarke's resilience is nothing short of miraculous, as she returned to the set just a month post-surgery. "We're doing it to try and help other people," her mother passionately stated, emphasizing the need for change in brain injury care.

A warrior's spirit beyond the screen

Clarke's battle scars are invisible but profound. "The amount of my brain that is no longer usable — it's remarkable that I am able to speak," Clarke revealed in a heartfelt confession. Her advocacy and charity work are testaments to her indomitable spirit, helping others navigate the treacherous waters of brain injury recovery.

Join us in applauding Emilia Clarke, a true queen in her own right, as she continues to champion the cause with the grace and strength of a dragon!

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