• William and Kate have a big banquet coming up
  • Princess Kate is expected to wear a special tiara for the occasion
  • She won't be allowed to wear Princess Diana's famous tiara

Kate, the wife of Prince William, is not only the Duchess of Cambridge but also officially the Princess of Wales as of this year.

She follows in the footsteps of her mother-in-law Princess Diana, who previously held the same title. As the new Princess of Wales, Kate is honoured to receive South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife at an upcoming state banquet.

Kate's next event calls for a special tiara – but not Diana's

Such a banquet is one of the rare occasions where royal ladies wear a tiara, but a very specific piece of jewelry would be taboo for Kate on this day...

That's the famous "Spencer Tiara," which Princess Diana wore on her wedding day. It is said to have returned to her family's possession after her death. Accordingly, it no longer belongs to the British Royal Family and cannot be worn by Kate.

Also interesting:

The beautiful piece of jewelry dates from 1932 and is probably one of the most famous tiaras in recent royal history. However, Kate will certainly wear another admirable headpiece.

On Instagram, fan accounts are already busy speculating which tiara it could be. The "Lover's Knot" tiara, commissioned for Queen Mary in 1917, is highly prized.

Kate wore it to a state banquet back in 2018, and it's also said to have been one of Diana's favourite tiaras.

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