• Kim Kardashian is on the hunt for style icons
  • After Marilyn Monroe, it's now Lady Diana's turn
  • She bought this jewelry from Lady Di

Lady Diana (†36) is still a fashion icon more than 20 years after her death. Today's fashionistas, such as Kim Kardashian (42), also know this well.

That's how much Kim Kardashian paid for Lady Diana's jewelry

After Kim Kardashian attended the Met Gala in 2022 wearing a legendary dress by Marilyn Monroe (†36), she has acquired the jewelery of the late Princess of hearts.

As Us Weekly reports, Kim bought the late royal's famous Attallah cross at Sotheby's "Royal and Noble" auction. 

Kim Kardashian reportedly paid around $200,000 for the piece according to People. The Attallah Cross dates from the 1920s and was made by the British jeweler Garrard.

The late businessman Naim Attallah, who was good friends with Diana, bought the diamond-encrusted cross in the 1960s.

Also interesting:

Diana never owned it herself, but she was the only one who wore it, according to Sothebys. Attallah had often lent it to her so that she could wear it to charity events.

The company explained on Instagram: "It is understood that the cross was only ever worn by the Princess, and following her death, it was never seen in public again until now."

Now you can see the piece on Kim Kardashian. We're excited to see when the reality star will wear it!