• The royal family is full of protocols and rules
  • There are certain words that are not ever used by the British royal family 

The anthropologist and author of the book Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour, Kate Fox, conducted an interesting study on the peculiarities of royalty, and identified verbs that should and should not be applied when talking to a royal. Have we gotten your attention yet?

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Royal Vocabulary Is Different Than Our Own!

These Are The Words That Royal Family Members Never Use

Saying "pardon?", is perhaps one of the most common things we say when we don't hear something correctly. Instead of using the word "pardon", the royals say "sorry?", or "what?", so that the person can repeat what they missed. Saying "posh" is also not a word that is in the royal vocabulary to describe a high-class person. Instead they prefer to say "smart", "posh" is only used "ironically"...

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