• The Queen's funeral procession has begun
  • Her family accompany her to Westminster Abbey
  • See the first pictures here

Queen Elizabeth's (†96) coffin was escorted through London today from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. King Charles III (73), Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (37) accompany the funeral march.

The first images of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral procession 

It is arguably the biggest crowd in London for decades - tens of thousands of people have gathered since yesterday to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II. The first moving pictures of the Queen's funeral procession can be seen in the video above

Queen Elizabeth's coffin

Unlike a few weeks ago at her 70th Jubilee celebration, it's been incredibly quiet at Buckingham Palace before the march begins to pay their last respects to the Queen.

King Charles III goes behind the Queen's coffin as the first of the British royal family member to advance. He is followed by some of the Queen's grandchildren. Prince Harry and Prince William walk side by side on what is probably the second most difficult walk of their lives after the death of their mother Lady Diana (†36) in 1997.

King Charles III, Prince William and Prince Harry in London

Prince Andrew (62) also attends the procession alongside his brothers and sister Princess Anne (72). The Queen's four children accompany her coffin side by side. The Queen's crown is positioned on the coffin of the late monarch.

Like his Uncle Andrew, Prince Harry is not allowed to appear in his military uniform. He gave up his right when he resigned from the royal family. The King's wife Camilla (75), Duchess Meghan (41) and Duchess Kate (40) do not accompany the funeral march on foot, but in the car.

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