• Great procession for Queen Elizabeth II
  • Her coffin was taken to St Giles Cathedral
  • For King Charles III and his siblings, it was a moving moment 

The Queen's coffin was taken in a long funeral procession to Edinburgh for a memorial service. Many people gathered to pay their last respects to the Queen on the way to St Giles Cathedral. 

King Charles III and his siblings stand guard in front of the Queen's coffin

Along with his siblings, King Charles III (73) accompanied the wagon with his mother's coffin. The grief can already be clearly seen in the royals, as you can see in the video above. 

It got particularly emotional in St. Giles Cathedral. There, the Queen's four heirs held a wake at the coffin. To do this, they positioned themselves in a ten-minute ceremony, called the "Vigil of the Princes".

With their heads bowed, the siblings spread out along the sides of the coffin that was laid out, their backs to it. During this ceremony, those attending the service were allowed to walk past the coffin and say goodbye to the Queen.

Also Interesting:

The Queen's coffin was delivered to England on Tuesday 13 September. Her daughter Anne (72) accompanied Queen Elizabeth II with the Royal Air Force from Scotland to England. On September 19, the Funeral of the Queen will take place.