• These days, British royal castle are probably most famous
  • Many fascinating castles are spread across Europe
  • Here's an interesting breakdown of the Top 10

We've all heard about the castles of the British Royal Family. Windsor Castle, the famous Buckingham Palace, and the Queen's favourite castle in Scotland, Balmoral.

But all over Europe there are actually many very beautiful castles, which belong or belonged to royalty at some point. Here are 10 of the most impressive ones.

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The best castles to visit around Europe

The Pena Palace: From the creative mind of King Ferdinand II and Portuguese romanticism, this castle was built to be seen from any angle, consisting of a forest and exotic gardens with various species of trees. 

The Alcazar Castle: Located in one of the oldest cities in Spain, it is very unique for its boat-shaped structure. It was originally built as a fortress but has also been home to royalty, a prison, a university, and a military academy.

Also interesting:

Neuschwanstein Castle: King Ludwig II built this palace to enjoy privacy away from his public life. Seven weeks after his death in 1886, the castle was opened to the public, making it one of the most popular in all of Europe.

Hohenzollern Castle: One of the most mysterious castles, its original appearance, size, and furnishings are not known, since it was completely destroyed in 1423. Since then a remodeling has been made from writings about the castle in 1267.

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Conwy Castle: Between 1283 and 1289 King Edward I built this castle to fortify his position during the conquest of Wales. It is considered one of the most accurate military historical pieces in Europe...

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