Queen Elizabeth II's health continues to worry royal fans.

The Queen was to appear today at the annual Remembrance Sunday service in London. It would have been her first public appearance in some time, but she was forced to back out due to a new health issue.

Queen Elizabeth skips Remembrance Sunday with back injury

The Palace released a statement shortly before the Nov. 14 ceremony at the Cenotaph, announcing the Queen would miss Remembrance Sunday due to a back injury.

"The Queen, having sprained her back, has decided this morning with great regret that she will not be able to attend today's Remembrance Sunday Service at the Cenotaph. Her Majesty is disappointed that she will miss the service," the statement said.

Remembrance Sunday is an affair of the heart for the Queen, and in recent years she has always appeared at the event. But it went ahead without her this year.

The Queen has not made any public appearances since mid-October. The 95-year-old has been resting following a night spent in the hospital due to unspecified health concerns.

It's unclear if the back injury is connected to the earlier hospital stay, but it appears to be a new problem, as the Queen was fully committed to attending Remembrance Sunday until the day of.

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