Queen Elizabeth, 95, spent the past week at Sandringham to recover after her recent health incident. Meanwhile, according to the Mirror, she is back in Windsor, where she has been spending most of her time since the death of her husband Prince Philip.

The Queen's return comes just in time for an appointment that she definitely doesn't want to miss. This coming Sunday in the UK, veterans of the World Wars and other military conflicts will be commemorated, and the Queen is determined to be there.

Queen Elizabeth wants to be at Remembrance Sunday 2021

For Remembrance Sunday, the royals traditionally gather at the Cenotaph, a funerary monument in London. There, they observe a minute's silence and lay wreaths of poppy seeds. A short service is also part of the ceremony.

For Queen Elizabeth, this is an important appointment that she does not want to miss. An insider told the Mirror: "Her Majesty is determined to make the Remembrance Sunday commemorations at the Cenotaph this week, a date that is cemented in her diary."

The source added that the ceremony "will be a huge boost for both herself and the veterans for the Queen to make the event." The Queen herself, then still a princess, served as a mechanic and truck driver in England during WWII.

The Queen has only missed Remembrance Sunday in London six times in her long reign. Unfortunately, the monarch does have to skip one commemorative event: on Saturday, the Festival of Remembrance held at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Queen apparently won't take part because that event will take longer. Recent times have not been easy for Queen Elizabeth II. Her health was so concerning that she even had to spend a night in the hospital.

In the meantime, however, she is said to have recovered. Her doctors have given the go-ahead for her to return to Windsor. In addition, the Queen will have fewer appointments in the future and always have members of the Royal Family to support her.