• The Queen likes her clothes colourful
  • But she keeps it simple with her shoes
  • Queen Elizabeth II loves THIS model

Queen Elizabeth almost always wears leather shoes with flat heels. Today these are made by the shoemaker Anello & Davide. However, the model has an unusual history behind it.

The Queen's shoes are always the same

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Queen's shoes were initially made by Rayne. When the company shut down over 20 years ago, Queen Elizabeth pulled out all the stops to ensure that her shoe model stayed in production. The Palace located a former employee who is now employed by Anello & Davide. There, he continue work on the Queen's shoes.

The Queen's shoes

Queen has an employee... who breaks her shoes in?

In the meantime, the Queen has already gone through several pairs of shoes. A new pair costs a whopping 1,100 euros, so it's much cheaper for her to have the old shoes repaired. If it's a new pair, they are first broken in by an employee. This makes the shoes for Queen Elizabeth II as comfortable as possible.

Also interesting:

But the monarch is not picky only when when it comes to shoes. There is also one colour the Queen will never wear: beige, as it is quite inconspicuous. And here's a strange one: she always carries a pack of blood with her when she travels.

The unusual blood pack is in case of a medical emergency when travelling. The Queen must have a packet of autologous blood available at hand.