One of Harry and Meghan's former top aides is now joining the team of Queen Elizabeth II. People reports that Sara Latham, who used to work as head of communication for Harry and Meghan, has been hired by Queen Elizabeth II and will be advising the regent on special projects in the future.

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Latham began working for Harry and Meghan in May 2019, shortly before the birth of baby Archie, and was snatched up by the Queen since she's now out of a job with her former employers no longer being senior members of the royal family.

Sara Latham used to be senior advisor for Hillary Clinton.

Sara Latham: Former senior advisor to Hillary Clinton

Latham is now working for Queen Elizabeth's private office and reports to her majesty's private secretary Edward Young. In 2016, Latham worked as special advisor for Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign and before that was part of the London-based public relations company Freuds. She was also the founder and principal of the Latham Group from 2006 until 2018.

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